Western Digital’s High Revenue

September 17th, 2014


Western Digital, one of the world’s computer hard drive manufacturer has reported that they had better third quarter revenue, better than what the company has expected. They said that the increase was made possible by the high demand of enterprise customers. It has now dominated the hard disk market. The need for hard drives has been surging continuously because the demand for computers does not stop. It just increases in time.

Analyst have predicted something generally less because people have been choosing the use of smart phones instead of personal computers but it seems that that Western Digital will still be doing a lot of business. PC sales fell to 14 percent during the first quarter of 2013, this makes it the biggest dip for at least two decades but it doesn’t affect the sales of the hard drives. People who are not buying computers already have theirs at home and they still need more storage.¬†

How Much is Enough

September 10th, 2014

harddrivesThe ability to connect a specific hard drive is generally limited but he architecture of the motherboard and bios as a matter of fact with most today limited to 500GB in capacity. Attach a larger drive and you may not be able to utilize the full capacity of the drive which you may find out in the detected drive displayed within the BIOS setup screen. Though most motherboards now use auto detect, detecting and getting the information about the hard drive from the internal electronics, there was actually a time when you had to know the parameters of the drive for one to mount it and use it properly. IDE today has become an older standard, replaced by SATA which has faster transfer rates and other speedy attributes. They also have a slimmer connector that lessens the restrictive effect the former 80-wire flat cable had on the overall computer system. Continue reading »

MTBF – Meaure of Reliability

September 3rd, 2014

crash2Mean-Time-Between-Failure or MTBF is a term used to describe the reliability of the parts of a computer system from a technical standpoint describing reliability and is measured in hours. The higher this number the more reliable a computer part is. with respect to hard disk drives, particularly IDE drives this denotes the number of hours before it fails or parts of the electronics, motors and bearings can last without any failure. This is an older measure used by the computing industry when hard drives were still quite steeply priced with the best ones reserved fro use on servers and other high demand uses. Ide has long been replaced by the SATA standard which eliminates the thick IDE cable that blocks airflow within a computer’s casing preventing proper cooling.
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IDE Hard Disk: Why Such a Name?

August 27th, 2014

Every hard disk is interfaced in the motherboard through a disk controller. This disk controller is the one that plays bridge between the hard disk and the operating system. For the user to access data from the hard disk, there is a data bus connecting the hard disk and the motherboard. The data bus is like a pipe where bytes of data are being transmitted. ATA bus

There are two kinds of data buses, Serial ATA and Parallel ATA, which are used in SATA hard disk and IDE hard disk respectively.
IDE is the abbreviation of Integrated Device Electronics. The Parallel ATA was earlier called IDE. Thatís why hard disks that use Parallel ATA are called IDE hard disks.

The IDE Hardisk

August 20th, 2014

Image source: www.flickr.com
Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) hard disks have been around for quite a few years.¬† Prior to these drives, hard disks were interfaced to a PC motherboard via an extension board known as a hard disk controller.¬† The drive did most of the mechanical stuff and performed essential electronic/servo functions; the controller told it in detail what to do.¬† The development of the IDE hard moved most of the electronics and firmware (low-level software on a chip) from the controller to a printed circuit board on the drive itself.¬† In the process, a buffer/cache’ memory was added to the electronics to speed-up the process of reading and writing hard disk drive data.¬† The drive got “smarter.”¬† Overall costs went down and performance went up.
A much simpler board, usually identified as an IDE Controller, interfaced the IDE hard disk to the motherboard bus.  The term IDE Controller is a misnomer.  It is really nothing more than a bus interface and an interface and connector for the IDE cable going to the drive.  The actual controller is on the drive.  

What is a Hard Disk?

June 26th, 2013

Knowing the different parts of your computer is essential especially if you come across some problems while using your computer. Even if your computer is broken, at least you still know how to recover your files and documents through the hard disk.

What is a hard disk? This is commonly known as the disk drive where large amounts of data are stored. With recent developments in technology, computers have gigabtyes of storage. It only means that you can now store more files, documents and other data. This unit has a set rotation speed. It varies from 4500 to 7200 rpm whereby the access time is measured using milliseconds.

When you computer crashes down, you can still retrieve the pertinent data files that you have. It is just crucial that the hard disk is still working and intact. You can remove the hard disk and place it another computer for you to recover the files.

4TB Video HDD

May 28th, 2013

Seagate, the big American data storage company has recently announced that they are launching one of their best products to date, they said that it is the industry’s first ever 4TB video hard disk drive. This hard disk drive is 3.5 inches and it will cater to people who need video applications. These applications include surveillance systems, digital video recorders, STPs, etc.

The company said “Purpose-built for video solutions, the Video 3.5 HDD can store up to 480 hours of HD content making it the industry’s highest-capacity drive designed specifically for video,”¬†What is impressive about this product is that it can support up to 16 HD video streams which is equivalent to 20 standard video streams, which makes it bigger than their competition.

There is no exact date as to when this will be available in the market, pricing has also not been announced but it is expected soon. For more information on this product, click on this page.



Blade Runner

February 21st, 2013



Here’s something completely impressive. A different style that has a purpose.¬†¬†If you’re interested in having four very unusual terabytes sitting on your desktop, then Lacie’s Blade Runner Drive is exactly what you are looking for. This special hard disk drive was designed by Philippe Starck. Starck is a famous French product designer whose¬†notable designs include an optical mousse¬†for Microsoft and¬†several yachts including the $300¬†million A¬†and even new packaging for a beer company.

The custom-biult 4 TB USB 3.0 drives are being produced in only in a limited edition so if interested, you must be fast to order one. When asked about the product, designer Starck said :¬†”The warm interior electronics are encased in a mystifying shell, and the blades are the radiator that cools it down.¬†The suspension gives space for air to circulate around the hard drive, and the metal material increases the temperature conduction.” The product will be for a retail price of $299.

What is it for?

January 28th, 2013


A normal computer today would normally come with one or more hard disks. These hard disks do one very important thing which is necessary for majority if computer users, it stores digital information. It also provides access to to large amounts of data. It works as simply as a cassette tape, wherein files/data can be erased, re-written and can even remember what has already been stored in the past. All data that are stored in a disk are in the form of files. A file is a string of bytes. It can be in a form of different things such as images, texts, software application and so on. When a program running on the computer requests a file, the hard disk retrieves it and sends them to the central processing unit one at a time to be accessed. The bigger the capacity of the disk drive, the more files you can store. The bigger the capacity of the drive, the faster the computer can run as well.

4TB Hard Disk Drive

December 26th, 2012

This year has been the unveiling of 4TB hard disk drives. Companies have been pushing for better and bigger storage and better performance. Both Toshiba and Western Digital has released their new products towards the end of the year.

Toshiba said “The range has been developed with the storage challenges presented by big data and cloud services in mind,” It is 50% increase in storage capacity than the last ones they have produced and 18% faster too!¬† The sample shipments will be available beginning this month and a bulk produce by the New Year.

Western Digital 4TB WD Black drives have maximum capacity, says Matt Rutledge, VP of Western Digital’s client storage group. He continued on ‚ÄúMaximizing the features and functionality of power computing applications such as gaming, multimedia and video editing, the new WD Black 4 TB hard drives offer capacity and performance ‚Äď without compromise.”

Both of these products are expected to drive sales by next year, making the future of hard drives more impressive.