Blade Runner

February 21st, 2013



Here’s something completely impressive. A different style that has a purpose.  If you’re interested in having four very unusual terabytes sitting on your desktop, then Lacie’s Blade Runner Drive is exactly what you are looking for. This special hard disk drive was designed by Philippe Starck. Starck is a famous French product designer whose notable designs include an optical mousse for Microsoft and several yachts including the $300 million A and even new packaging for a beer company.

The custom-biult 4 TB USB 3.0 drives are being produced in only in a limited edition so if interested, you must be fast to order one. When asked about the product, designer Starck said : ”The warm interior electronics are encased in a mystifying shell, and the blades are the radiator that cools it down. The suspension gives space for air to circulate around the hard drive, and the metal material increases the temperature conduction.” The product will be for a retail price of $299.

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