What is it for?

January 28th, 2013


A normal computer today would normally come with one or more hard disks. These hard disks do one very important thing which is necessary for majority if computer users, it stores digital information. It also provides access to to large amounts of data. It works as simply as a cassette tape, wherein files/data can be erased, re-written and can even remember what has already been stored in the past. All data that are stored in a disk are in the form of files. A file is a string of bytes. It can be in a form of different things such as images, texts, software application and so on. When a program running on the computer requests a file, the hard disk retrieves it and sends them to the central processing unit one at a time to be accessed. The bigger the capacity of the disk drive, the more files you can store. The bigger the capacity of the drive, the faster the computer can run as well.

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